Refund policy

Dissertation Box is an academic Dissertation writing help provider and guarantees to deliver complete original and non-plagiarised content to the customers. However, in case if any client is not satisfied, the company offers them a complete money back guarantee or refund.

The company strictly recommends the customers to carefully read, understand and adhere to our ‘Refund Policy’ before using our services or placing any order.

Behold the following conditions when the company will offer a complete refund to the clients:

  • If the client is dissatisfied with the work even after getting 7 revised works, he or she has the right to communicate with our Customer Support Agent and inform about the issue. Dissertation Box, in such a situation, will take the following quick measures:

    1 - Allocating a different academic writer who is completely able to finish the work within the due date and as per the client’s instructions.


    2 - Providing a complete refund to the client.
  • Dissertation Box has the authority to accept or refuse any refund requests claimed by the clients as Issues like slight delays in the delivery process or trivial mistakes in the completed paper are not enough for a complete refund. Nevertheless, if a client will face such situations, he or she has the right to discuss with the company and ask for a 50% refund.
  • In case, if the credit card of a client is charged two times mistakenly, the client will have to contact us and Dissertation Box will be responsible to return the additional amount of the client.
  • We do not guarantee any grade. No refunds shall be issued based on low or fail grade.

Contact and Dispute Resolution Policy

  • In case, if the client is dissatisfied with the completed paper, he or she should then first contact the Customer Support Agent of the company before going to any third party.
  • In case, if the dispute is not resolved within a time period of 14 days, the client is then permitted to go to any third party to settle the matter.
  • In case, if the client will not contact first the Dissertation Box and go to any third party to resolve the issue, the company will consider this client’s approach as a breach of agreement. The company will then handle the matter as per its policy.


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