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Writing dissertation is an essential requirement to avail a PhD degree. The process of creating such piece of writing involves research work, presentation of theory and of course experimentation. However, you don’t have to squeeze everything in a single piece of dissertation as it involves lots of technicalities to document valid proof of your thesis. You are required to write for a technical kind of audience and you need to make everything as clear as possible, though, you don’t have to make everything so comprehensive.


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PhD dissertation format is often a headache for most of those who are not really good at research, writing and formatting. If you are using experimental data, you need to remember that you can’t present it as a proof because it is actually an evidence. As a standard rule, each and every statement that you are presenting must be based on general and most importantly common knowledge and it must be linked and supported with proper citation. We, at Dissertation Box, have the best dissertation writers in the world who can help you finish the longest assignment in the shortest period of time.

Is Your Thesis Equal to Dissertation?

  • Well, you need to be very clear about it that thesis is a researcher’s claim or a hypothesis while dissertation clearly describes with enough evidence and proof that how a hypothesis is correct.
  • While you are moving towards writing of a well-researched dissertation, first of everything, you need to choose three clear but strong sentences to express your thesis.
  • When you are creating your statement, don’t forget that the committee’s approval is a must for further process and if they don’t think your statement is making a valid thesis, you can’t proceed further.
  • Once a valid statement to express your thesis comes in your hand, you are ready to proceedfurther in development of your PhD Dissertations.


In a commonly used format, a dissertation can be structured into 4-6 chapters which are as under:

  • Introduction: Give basic terminology, provide proper citations, and give a little brief of already done work related to your dissertation.
  • Abstract model: Just give a little brief on what you want to prove in your thesis.
  • Proof of theorems: Provide an authentic set of proofs to support your claims.
  • Measurements/data: Present data that you collected during your research from variety of sources.
  • Additional results: Sometimes, you might need to provide additional confirmation or studies and important results.
  • Conclusions & future work: In this final chapter, you are required to present all your results along with restrictions, limitations and of course special cases.

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