Choosing One From a Wide Range of Marketing Dissertation Topics

Choosing a Topic is the First Step Towards Writing an Academic Paper and If This First Step Goes in Wrong Direction, You Can’t Expect to Take Next Steps into Right Direction.


A dissertation should be a document that adds to existing literature in a concise manner. The topic mustn’t be broad, rather focused and narrowed, providing new information, and clearly showing the aims of study. Here on this page, we will provide you some of the guidelines to choose one of the most appropriate marketing dissertation topics for you because choosing a topic is the most important tasks throughout research and writing process as you have to take care of variety of factors while working on your project.

Wide Range of Topics In Variety of Subject Areas

There are a large number of topics for dissertation in marketing depending upon the subject areas. This availability of more options sometimes makes it quite difficult for students to select a topic that can really fit best to their exact requirements and therefore, one has to be very careful about it. Some of the popular subject areas are:

  • Branding
  • Online marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • International marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Consumer psychology
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social networks
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing ethics
  • Others

How to Choose Your Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Since there is a wide range of topics in marketing, you have to choose the one that fits your interest as well as requirement of being a dissertation topic. You may either opt for an existing topic, present it with a new perspective or you may choose an entirely new theme.

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Examples of Some of the More Focused and Narrowed Topics

As said earlier, the most important thing while choosing a topic is to narrow down your focus from a broader theme. Here we list a few dissertation topics in marketing which will definitely be quite helpful for you to achieve your academic writing goals.

  • Consumer psychology while purchasing in developed regions, such as the USA, UK and Canada
  • Factors that stimulate consumers towards new electronic items
  • Customer relationship management: the recent trends
  • Making “green marketing” possible for energy producing sector (i.e., oil, gas, and electricity)
  • Social media marketing tactics
  • Impact of product packaging on sales
  • Differences in advertising techniques from region-to-region
  • Impact of geographical differences on overall consumer behavior
  • Whether conventional marketing techniques are still in use
  • Maximum approachability of marketer to consumers for promoting his products.

Though the above topics are a bit narrow, you still have to focus on their specific aspects, since all these are still too broad from dissertation topics marketing point-of-view.

Are You Ready to Finalize Your Dissertation Topics on Marketing?

Choosing the most appropriate dissertation topic on marketing requires a thorough evaluation of existing literature, enabling you to decide your topic and its subsequent presentation. At we can guide you further regarding your dissertations.



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