Literature Based Dissertation & Review

What Should Be Your Approach?

If you are working on a literature based dissertation, you must know what literature actually reflects. There could be a wide range of opinions in different topics but you have to follow certain standard to be able to give something really authentic or else you may fail to achieve the goals of your dissertation which simply means all your efforts will go in vain and your academic success will become just a dream for you. However, if you follow essential steps to be able to do something better than the others, you can most probably achieve your goals.


What about the Topic Choices?

Though, you are allowed to write whatever you want, first of everything you need to find one of the best literature dissertation topics that could reflect your interests, experience and amount of knowledge you own about a particular field. This is the stage where a lot of students make mistakes by choosing the wrong topics which seem good at the first sight but later become a real headache for the writer when he does not find the relevant information necessary to take literature dissertation into right direction.

LiteratureReview Help

Looking for review help? Well, writing a literature review is never so easy but it should not be confused with a regular book review as in a literature review, you go though books, dissertation, scholarly articles, conference proceedings etc which all should be relevant to a certain issue related to your topic. The main purpose of writing a literature review is to give an overview of major literature already published on a certain topic. Below you can read some of the most important element of a review:

Literature Review Main Elements

A literature review usually includes the following elements:

  • An overview of a theory or issue
  • Objective of review
  • Categories to divide work (support, against and alternative)
  • Explanation: similarities and differences with others
  • Conclusion: best pieces from arguments

Four Steps of Literature Review Writing

  • Define topic:Carefully define your topic and its components as well
  • Material collection:There are various tools which you can use to search relevant material. These tools also include bibliographies databases and library catalogue.
  • Evaluate your findings:Evaluate your findings to be clear about the most significant part of material necessary to understand the topic.
  • Analysis & interpretation:Provide thorough discussion over your findings and end results that seem pertinent to literature.

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Primary Purposes of Literature Review

A literature review might include an important chapter of dissertation or thesis or it might be an independent review of different writings on a particular subject. The primary purposes might include:

  • Placing each piece of work in a certain level of context as per the size of contribution towards a clear view point about the subject
  • Defining the relationship among different pieces of work
  • Resolving contradictory point of views found among previously conducted studies
  • Identifying better ways of interpretation and throw light on missing aspects of previously made researches
  • Identifying similar areas discussed in prior scholarship to avoid putting additional efforts

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