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Writing a law dissertation is not an easy task because you need to be very careful while choosing a topic and you have to follow certain rules for citations in your dissertation. You also need to find reliable sources to mention facts and statutes for legal issues. Owing to the difficulties that students may face, in this article, we provide certain some tips that may help you in this most important task of your academic career.

You may be able to choose your theme from a wide range of law dissertation topics. These topics may include:

  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • Criminal law
  • Constitutional law
  • Employment law
  • Administrative law
  • Family law
  • Law for intellectual property
  • Laws of governance
  • Many others

What Are the Primary Requirements of Law Schools?

Law is quite a practical subject; thus, law dissertations need to be prepared in such a way that they are applicable on practical situations. A law dissertation needs to be carefully prepared after thorough research, and relevant case studies should be included in support of your dissertation so that you may be able to defend the proposed work.

Specific Areas within Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Among the different law dissertation topics, criminal law is an area that covers a wide range of practical aspects, and is always the most contemporary theme. The below listed points may help you choose your dissertation topic from criminal law aspects, by narrowing down your focus on one particular side.

  • Critical review of homicide, the reports from Law commission, and other principles and proposals
  • Criminal law in connection with “war against terror”
  • Reports and analysis for sexual harassment and the combat against this crime
  • Complaint management in criminal justice system
  • Public law and order situation
  • State interests and the threats to them
  • Effects of actions taken by the Government against certain laws
  • Concept of crime
  • Theoretical analysis of crimes
  • Importance of morality in criminal law
  • The bases of declaring someone ‘guilty’
  • Law of omissions liability and ‘Bad Samaritans’ law

Three Steps to Write a High Class Law Dissertation Topic


Do proper research work and chose a subject that you want to write about, you better choose a satisfactorily narrow angle to move towardyour subject or in other words, you should choose a topic which was never discussed a lot in the past. This might be a bit difficult for you because you might have to face trouble when searching for relevant material, however, most probably, it will serve the purpose of your dissertation.


In your second step, you need to find out all the relevant material that can be used in your project. You can look for online resources which is of course the most important source as you can access variety of platforms where you can find required amount of information. However, you can also search for printed material such as books which are considered to be real treasures. If you like to read books, you would surely enjoy this way of getting information.


In the third step, you need to draw some rough headings to cover up sub-topics within your primary subject. Creation of a rough structure you formulate at early stage will be quite helpful throughout writing process. This strategy is used by most of academics that get themselves more than enough headings as well as subheadings to ensure they can finish their work effectively.

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