Health Dissertation

Choose a Perfect Topic But Never Waste Your Time In Initial Stages

Whether you are assigned with a professional aspect or a regular topic for your health dissertation, it will either be a review, or a research manuscript.

Thus, here on this page, we give a few guidelines that assist you in choosing your topic for your dissertation. Majority of the students stuck at the initial stage of this type of lengthy academic project and waste a lot of their time only in choosing a topic and even many choose a topic in hassle, start working and after few days realize that they couldn’t choose a good topic. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose one of the best topics but you can never be advised to spend many months only in deciding what you should be writing about.


How Much Time Do You Have to Complete Your Dissertation?

While selecting health dissertation topics, you need to check the time feasibility for completion of your project especially research work, since it is possible that the most interesting topics may require more time than allotted for a Masters course.It usually depends upon the complexity of the subject that how easily you can fetch information from hidden resources. If your health dissertations require you to do extensive research while you are unable to reach authentic and reliable resources, you might have to spend much more time than your expectations and therefore, you must be ready to face every type of unexpected situation.

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What Can You Gain While Preparing a Masters dissertation

Opting Masters Dissertation according to your interest and its practical importance in the field will help you enhance your skills and enables you to:

  • work independently with a mere guidance from an expert as a supervisor, on a new research;
  • narrow your focus on a specific are of research
  • enhance your knowledge and awareness about the minute details of your topic;
  • maintain originality;
  • critically review literature which can be depicted in your research;
  • critically review the existing methodologies, and to choose the appropriate one for you;
  • effectively reflect your results in written form;
  • draw meaningful conclusions.

A Few Examples of Dissertation Topics in Public HealthAre Given Below for Your Ready Reference.

The Catalytic Initiative to Save a Million Lives

The Catalytic Initiative to Save a million Lives is an international program sponsored by a lot of national and international donors and the basic aim of this organization is to mitigate the suffering of children in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and many other countries.

Within the last few years the initiative has been extended its health care system to provide cost effective solutions in health and nutritional areas to support children as well as pregnant women. Canada has been working for many years with the collaboration of UNICEF, USAID, AusAID, WHO, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and various other influential groups. The aim of this dissertation is to successful catalytic Initiative is.

Another Example of Public Health Dissertation Topics

Smoking Ban: Same Approach to Follow in Case of Alcohol Consumption

Health care professionals have spent many precious years of their lives to ban stimulating smoking advertisement and to remove cigarette packets from showcases at shops, however, ultimately they have become successful in their efforts. The same health concerns can also be related to alcohol consumption and smoking ban can still be followed to ban excessive alcohol consumption. This dissertation questions if the right time has arrived to adopt the same approach in case of alcohol consumption or not.

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