Dissertation Topics in English Literature

Saying Something About Others Work is Easier But Producing Your Own Stuff is More Difficult Than You Expect

It is comparatively easier to say something about favorite books and most probably, it is even much easier to talk about ideas of other people on books. However, the basic purpose of writing a literature dissertation is to go much deeper than the usual into the subject as it needs attention grabbing techniques whenever reading and to contextualize all such ideas in relatively bigger cultural movements of time.


Literature Mirrors Concerns and Ideas

Literature mirrors variety of concerns and ideas of the writers that go over the long period of time and these concerns may include academic concerns to religious inclination and imaginative too. An English dissertation must include high quality research work to bring authenticity in your paper. When you are assigned dissertation writing project by your professors, usually you can choose to write about anything, however, what’s more important to know before you start writing is that it should definitely be something which can challenge and interests you.

Choosing English Dissertation Topics

Have you started panicking because you wish to create a dissertation which can grab the attention f examiner and professors? If yes, you don’t need to go under panic and if you do, you will most probably miss something even more important. You might have already read a number of good books, produced essays based on English Literature and various other types of papers to follow your academic cycle but this time when you are planning about dissertation, your topic should be much more different than the previous attempts because this is the most important piece of writing you are ever going to create in your life.

Some Examples of English Dissertation Topics

To give you some good English dissertation ideas, we have created a list of few great topics which you can use for your project or at least you will be able to know what could be the best topics for you. These topics are as follow:

  • How did Lord of the Rings become so appealing for children as well as adults?
  • Where we see modern world readers of fantasy novels?
  • Homosexuality in literature: An Analysis from past to the present day.
  • The growth of feminism in twenty first century literature
  • Politics portrayed in fiction from 1800 to 2100
  • How would be the English Literature without Shakespeare? An imagination
  • Increasing influence of female writers upon English Literature in 21st Century

These are some examples of dissertation topics in English literature and if you want to go through some more ideas, you better visit your university library to go through dissertations written by students in the past years.



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