How to Choose Suitable Education Dissertation Topics at College & University Levels

The basic aim of a dissertation is to add new findings to published literature by researching on existing topics. The choice of dissertation must be made in a focused topic, rather than attempting to cover a broad range. Choosing focused topic not only helps the authors to create meaningful dissertations in short time, but also clearly depicts the aim of study and the methodologies involved.

When it comes to choosing education dissertation topics, you are offered a wide of themes from this field, including pre-school education, primary school education, collegiate education, university education, home schooling, teacher education, holistic education, private school education and adult education. In this article we provide several examples to help you choose suitable dissertation topics in education at college and university levels.


Collegiate Education Topics

High-school or Collegiate education offers many education dissertation topics for you. It covers the period of academics provided to students between 13 and 18 years of age, which is usually the time from 9th year till 12th year of academic education. Also known as Secondary school Education, it comprises of O’ Levels and A’ Levels or SSC and HSC (depending upon the country’s system of education). Some of the most common topics for your education dissertation are:

  • Prevalence and viability of standardised testing methods in collegiate education.
  • Whether there is a need to include business-oriented subjects instead of conventional subjects (such as geography, history, etc.) in the course at this level.
  • Role of schools in character building
  • Advantages of conducting internships and professional training sessions at secondary schooling level
  • Separate education systems based on gender, race and ethnic differences: pros and cons
  • Comparison of students’ performance of studying in co-education and separate schooling systems
  • Efforts to help failing students score better
  • Whether the schools should focus more on teaching about global problems such as environment protection and energy conservation, then on conventional subjects
  • Religion should/should not be included as a subject in the course: merits and demerits.

University Education Topics

Undergraduate, post graduate or other types of education offered at universities can come under this particular section. Variety of topics which could be used as dissertation ideas for education may include the following:

  • Awareness to Create Succession Planning to Develop Leadership Skills at Independent Schools
  • Adult Developmental Journey and Support through Shadow Work
  • Attaining long term improvement in Faculty Development
  • Educational experiences of those students who belong to Asian descent and seek their future in Pharmacy. What would be the cultural impact?
  • Adding Strategy: Inclusion of specific religious classes for orthodox Muslim Students in European schools
  • A Study: How students gain cumulative grade points while participating in extracurricular activities
  • An Understanding: Experiences of those students involved in arts-based therapeutic expressive activities
  • An Investigation: Experiences of those male students who belong to minority and participate in minority mentoring programs at their colleges

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