Best Examples of Economics Dissertation Topics

The first thing to begin with a dissertation is to choose a suitable topic which seems scary to many students, sometimes leading them to withdraw their plan for doing a dissertation. However, if somebody makes this decision, this will be the stupidest thing he could ever do in his life because without completing a dissertation, he can’t complete his graduation.

Therefore, something like this is whispering in your ear, just ignore it and move forward towards a successful academic project.


While Choosing a Topic, Never Ignore Your Own Interest

Generally, students are offered the choice of various topics (with expert supervisors) from the universities; nevertheless, the ultimate choice of topic depends upon the students’ interest. Therefore, you must be exactly sure which topic will exactly be suitable for you to obtain a successful dissertation. If you have interest in a topic that you have chosen, you will find it a big fun to work on it or else such a time-taking and long piece of writing will definitely make you bored in the middle of work.

Focusing on Global Economic Problems Will Allow You to Find a Better Topic for Your Dissertation

There lies a wide range of topics that may serve as economics dissertation titles for you. As now, Economics is interrelated with other social sciences, such as anthropology, narrowing down your focus to choose an appropriate topic is a troublesome step.In the last few years, the focus of economists is expanded from classical economics to other global problems. “Heterodox” approach of economists includes the analysis of these problems from other perspectives, including anthropology, sociology, geographical differences, etc. Here we give brief examples of two economics dissertation topics, which may guide you in choosing your own.

Example: Economic Dissertation Topic 1 An Analysis of So Called Reasons That Caused Putting of Blame on Wall Street for Leading Global Financial to a Disastrous Crisis

The Global Financial Crisis emerged few years ago and now the situation is much better but even after many years, Banks operating in United Kingdom are still being hesitant to lend money.This paper questions the so called reasons which are given to put blame over American Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis linked with UK Banking. This dissertation discusses mortgager phenomenon and MBS Investors demand. Additionally, it also discusses the degree of involvement of greedy bankers.

Example:Economic Dissertation Topic 2

An Analysis of Bundling Purpose within Stratagems of a Business

Bundling is basically a process of selling variety of products at the same time in form of a package. The bundling theory suggests that the strategies based on this particular approach can greatly increase overall profit or revenue of a business.

However, when you want to implement bundling technique, you don’t have to follow specific pre conditions. Within targeted market, there is a need to restrict arbitrage and buyers need to come up with a diverse demand. Having setup primary hypothetical framework which highlightsbundling concept, this dissertation analyzes variety of bundling types such as pure and mixed along with evaluation of each approach limitations for individual organizations.



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