Though, most of the designing assignments especially the ones related to graphic or interior designing usually require practical designing work, students are often instructed to write different types of essays and one of the most important essays which make a great difference in academic career of a student is dissertation.

At graduate and many undergraduate programs, writing a dissertation related to a specific topic is compulsory and therefore, every student must prompt it whether they like it or not.


Access Publications and Online Resources to Get Some Great Ideas About Your Dissertation Subject and Topic

If you are a student of graphic designing or interior designing and you have been assigned to write a dissertation about your field, the first and most important thing for you to is to do some proper research into your own filed. Going through publication can be greatly helpful for you to acquire some great ideas to write about. Besides publications, you can also search useful material on university online resources usually available on university websites.

Are You Allowed to Work on Already Published Topics?

Most of the schools usually publish their academic assignment on their websites in separate department pages. Though, you are not allowed to use the exact topics in your paper, you can also get some good insight to initiate your own. Going through published material will definitely enable you to think some innovative ideas which may serve the actual purpose of your dissertation. If you are looking for graphic design dissertation topics, below you can find some great ideas:

Basic Attention Grabbing Principle to Use While Writing Your Dissertation

An expert graphic designer always know that how he can grab the attention of the people by introducing his work. Now if you are assigned an academic project, you need to follow the same attention grabbing principle in your project. Remember that an interesting paper with useful information will easily attract readers and once you convince readers to read more about your research work, you will be able to achieve your actual targets. Four of the example topics are given below:

Example Topic # 1: Graphic Designing and Modern-Day Photographic Theory

This can be really a great topic for your assignment and if you choose it, you can give a comparison in your project about the tools used by modern work graphic designers and photographers. You can discuss similarities as well as differences and if you find this topic a bit more completed, you can choose from the other design dissertation topics.

Example Topic # 2: Graphic Designing Evolution in 20th Century

If you choose this specific topic, you can tell your readers that how the industry of graphic designing emerged and developed in twentieth century and how introduction of web designing moved it to the peak and made it more popular. There are a lot of interesting fact to reveal about industry which will make your piece of writing, an interesting paper to read.

Example Topic # 3: Lower Budget and High Impact Graphic Designing Products

By choosing this topic, you can discuss if it would be possible to utilize lower budget smartly to create some of the best products of graphic designing. You can do your research and introduce a list of ways with which people can save a lot of money while on the other hand, they will get a high quality product in their hands.

Example Topic # 4: Role of Women in the Field of Graphic Design

Usually men find more interest in the field of graphic designing and there are not many women who like to adopt graphic design as their profession. However, you can discuss the role of women in this field and convince them how they can be more productive than male designers. You can give a comparison of men and women approaches towards graphic. If you have been assigned to work on interior design dissertation topics, it will be much easier to discuss the role of men but in case of graphic design, you will have to do real research work.



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