How to Prepare Dissertation Data Analysis Section?

The data analysis section is quite an important area of your dissertation. It is consisted upon the data you collect during research work and your personal analysis. The key to write a great analysis is to present an analysis about collected data in an easy to understand and well comprehensive manner. A suitable format should be adopted to support your point of view along with necessary information.


Your Data Analysis Dissertation is Consisted Upon following Sections:


It is consisted upon a brief about the actual purpose of your study and it also determines how research work was carried out. In addition to the brief, it is also important to give a description of type of data and the instrument used for data collection.

Detailed Description

Writer should also give some details in a description to determine hypothesis and research questions. Moreover, actual collected data, mathematical, statistical and qualitative analysis should also be given in details.


In the concluding section, you need to produce conclusion separately over each question. Moreover, the insights drawn from analysis by the researcher should also be part of this section.

Best Practices to follow when writing Analysis dissertation

  • Including an introductory paragraph is always very helpful in explaining each chapter separately.
  • Literature review and analysis referencing: Cross referencing is considered to be really an important method for putting common points all together. These points can come up during literature review and analysis.
  • Better to follow a structure based on a similar theme used for literature review.
  • Presenting critical view and judgment in the result of analysis
  • In case of new themes generated from researcher analysis, it should be linked with relevant conclusion.
  • Avoid using jargons in your analysis
  • Avoid defining technical terms if used in analysis

Data analysis dissertation section is basically a foundation and on its basis, conclusion, patterns, identifies and recommendations are drawn by the researcher. In fact, overall research work greatly depends upon comprehensive presentation of analysis. The researcher needs to document different data types properly including quantitative and qualitative data along with tools, approach and conclusion.

One very important thing you must keep in your mind is that the analysis must be written in simple and clear manner to make it self-explanatory because this is what will make it an interesting write-up for readers. The style of writing should convey findings and conclusion to readers.



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