Top 5 Criminology Dissertation Ideas to Consider


Criminology has become a big field of study in the last decade and lots of students find interest to do research and write about it. The students of this unique field are also required to create their dissertations in the same field.

However, if you compare present with the past, you will find that it has become much easier to find useful information to produce a high quality and well researched piece of writing as per the requirement of the college or university professors.

Looking for the Best Topics in Criminology? We Have Some Great Ideas for You

One of the biggest problem that student have to face when they are writing their dissertation is finding criminology dissertation topics because when they want to write specifically, they have to be specific in choosing a topic and if they fail to do so, they will have to face real big troubles in future steps which will of course require them to be much more attentive in researching and writing.

To understand your problems as a student, we have enlisted some of the best ideas in criminology dissertationson this page so you can get the advantage of them and proceed future in pursuit of your academic career.

Idea 1: Phenomena of a Serial Killer: Influencing Factors

This can be really a good topic for your academic research work and if you start working on it, you can conduct a proper research and take a child life as a case study and observe his condition and discus trouble factors that cause development of such barbaric disposition. You will be paying great attention towards surrounding environment, peers role and most importantly family relations.

Idea 2: Police Tortures Over Criminals in Under Developed Countries

You can talk about this topic and review related literature. You can investigate various criminology related issues and try to find out what are the actual reasons of police brutality. You can also suggest some solutions to deal with type of conditions. Sure, this will really a great topic as you can easily find relevant facts and true examples to support your claims and solutions.

Idea 3: Domestic Violence and Extremely Bad Influence on Mental Health of a Woman

This topic will allow you to discuss what could be the psychological results of domestic violence. Compare various situations in different countries of the world such as USA, UK, Africa and Asia.Though, in western countries, women have more liberty to live their lives on their own demands, they can still become victim of domestic violence. You can carry out research work in criminology dissertation based on available evidence.

Idea 4: Facts about Cyber Crimes and Different Methods of Detection

Cyber-crimes are increasing every year and if you could do through research and find out some great solutions to detect and prevent such crimes, this would be a great help from you for law enforcement agencies. This can be really a good topic to choose for your academic assignment and you will learn a lot about something you might have to face sometimes in your life.

Idea 5: Effective Ways to Deal with Different Social Disorders

In your criminology dissertation, you can compare the methods used by police departments in different countries to deal with different types of social disorders. You can emphasize how one method can be more effective than others and you can also make your own suggestions for the law enforcement agencies. The above are some of the most potential dissertation topics in criminology and if you choose any one of them, you will be able to get real big achievement in your academic career.

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