Our Writing Guide Can Help You Create BSC Dissertation 2:1 Standard With Extremely Little Efforts



If you try to prepare your BSC dissertation as per below mentioned criteria, you will surely end up with a dissertation of “2:1 Standard”:

1. Uniqueness with Innovation

  • Try to bring up your own unique ideas for your dissertation.
  • If not new, your idea should be based either on a current research topic, which has the potential to be worked upon even more.

2. Methodology

  • Present your ideas in accordance with the present developments in the field
  • Describe the different techniques and methods used.
  • Depict the relationship between the topic and research methods used.
  • All relevant information (field work, data collection, experiments, models etc.) should be included in a precise manner.
  • Highlight the advantages and limitations associated with the methods adapted.

3. Organization of sections

  • Clear construction of hypothesis.
  • Proper results and conclusion section presented in a logical manner.
  • Inclusive answers to queries asked with the dissertation.
  • Logical comparison between the published results and your own observations.
  • Describing your results in a broader perspective.
  • Factual observations must be mentioned in a distinguished manner, apart from hypotheses and assumptions.

4. Presentation

  • The supplementary information such as diagrams, tables, literary sources etc. must be present.
  • The text of BSC dissertation must be legible, both scientifically and grammatically.
  • The dissertation must be in the standard format, with clear objective, methodology, results and conclusions.

Dissertation Box UK’s Experts’ Suggestions to End Up With a Successful Dissertation

1. Know your domain!

  • Research more and more with proper reading and understanding.
  • Copy the important points in your personal notebook in your own wordings.
  • Try to search more using the online data available.

2. Cross your domain

  • Browse through other similar BSC dissertations
  • Try to find out the key points that make any dissertation good or poor.
  • Find out what others say about their work specialties.

3. Focus on methods, analyses, motivations, applications

  • Give reasons for the methods you use
  • Mention the applications of your presented theme.

4. Tree-in; tree-out

  • Keep monitoring the paper citation, and subsequent ISI Citation Index.
  • Compare your interpretation with others.

5. Don’t get ‘paper-locked’

  • Don’t be influenced by the published material.
  • After knowing all about your working area, find out what has been done and which policies are still left for implementation.

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