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With the rapid advancements in technology, each and every industry is being dependent on it, and thus is facing new challenges. The same is true for the banking sector as well, stimulating more research in the field.

These swift changes make it difficult for students to select banking dissertation topics when they have to present their thesis. Though the field offers several topics on banking, your selected topic must have the potential to make your write-up a winning dissertation or else your academic career will be at a greater risk.

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On this page, we provide some sample dissertation topics in banking, based on two differentaspects of the field including investment banking and internet banking. Though, there are various other major areas of banking field, but the only purpose of giving you these examples is to let you know what kind of topics can help you win higher grades in your academics.


  • Internet banking as a tool for customer attraction
  • Fraud risk management in internet banking
  • Dual factor authentication and security
  • Internet banking services hidden icons
  • Electronic money transfers between banks
  • Effect of internet banking for increasing account openings
  • Technology and internet banking
  • Facilitation by internet banking
  • Hazards in internet banking


  • Asset management
  • Financing
  • Pros and cons of investments in banking sectors
  • Treasury bills and banking
  • Leasing
  • Saving bonds
  • Suitable banks for small businesses
  • Offshore banking
  • Interest rates and their impact on banking
  • Impact of interest rates on investments

You can easily find a large number of investment banking dissertation topics but off course, you must be sure in which subject you have more passion. Some student make choices on the recommendation of their senior students without realizing if they really have the passion for the subject or not and when you spend a lot of time, they realize what mistake they have made but then it is already too late and they can’t turn back.

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